Friday, December 15, 2017

Enjoy Your Hotel Stay in Europe with VR Porn Viewing

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Some of the more open minded cities of Europe are bringing about the newest technology, virtual reality, to their people and it is in the form of pornography in hotels according to insiders. Andy Alvarez, the leader of VR3000, has been in the online porn industry a long time and has heard talks that were about bringing virtual reality pornography to hotels all over Europe.
The VR3000 company is all about 3D pornographic movie distribution. It is Alvarez’s belief that Europe is way ahead of the United States concerning attitude towards sex and maturity. He also said that thanks to portable devices with access to internet, hotels are suffering when it comes to pay per view and in room pornography video purchases. Alvarez believes that every male guest will want to watch a porno flick in virtual reality at least once. The technology will be able to be used by anyone of age, however, and for more than just adult entertainment films.
Virtual reality has a lot to offer for lonely hotel guests and there are already some companies offering hotel guests naughty entertainment although we will not be naming them. Virtual reality technology provides an experience so immersive and life like that some people have even compared it to cheating on a significant other.
This amazing and new technology lets the user strap a headset onto their head and be transported to a whole new world full of hotties ready and willing to do the user’s bidding and fulfill their wildest desires. Users of virtual reality are able to experience something that not many people get the opportunity to experience in reality. They are able to explore their own sexuality and fantasies without the possible real life risks such as sexually transmitted diseases and humiliation.
It has been claimed that Alvarez has also spoken to a few different American hotel chains but he believes that virtual reality pornographic movies are going to appear in Europe first because they have such a liberal outlook towards all things sexual. Hotels that embrace this new technology will be ahead of the competition and have something special to offer their guests that won’t be offered elsewhere. It is likely that this will be implemented into hotels in Europe very soon and then possibly in the United States, in the future.
It is believed that 10 years from now every hotel in both Europe and the United States will offer virtual technology viewing and have headsets that stay in the rooms permanently. Then when a guest checks in, they will likely get a password for their smartphone so that they can access a virtual reality channel.
People will be able to use their own headsets rather than renting one as the thought of a man using a headset to watch pornography may be off-putting for some people. Also this allows people to have cheaper options such as the Google Cardboard headset which will let more people get the experience without having to spend too awfully much.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Rise and Popularity Of VR Porn

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The Google Trends is showing that the use of keyword “VR Porn” has risen a lot in last few years. It is currently at the supreme pinnacle of its prominence among keywords.
Exasperating depictions of both males and females are present wherever they had the opportunity to leave their mark. The Cave art, renaissance canvases. Mainly, the present-day Internet is overflowing with the presence of pornography. Whenever a new type of media comes. People turn out to be intrigued by using that new innovation to calm their needs and desires. As per Google, this phenomenon has again shown the pattern of trends with regards to virtual reality porn.
The data of search term prominence given by Google Trends. The keyword is "VR Porn" and, as should be obvious, it is encountering an exponential rise in popularity.
The way that a Google Trends works is that it depicts the relative predominance of a term at any moment. It does not include the real number of search though. This is the implication of the number you see when you hover your mouse over specific parts of the Google Trends chart. It shows how popular the keyword was by then when compared with its time of most noteworthy use.
The further data breakdown is interesting too. The main term used with VR Porn is "free" and the primary gear associated with this search is the "Samsung VR Headset". Also, the highest number of searches are originating from Norway. While the Porn and tech enthusiasts in the United States have shown the minimal interest.
This won't be wrong to say that, VR Porn is less to say and more to use. The online adult industry should consider as one of the most obvious uses for the VR gadgets in coming days. As the websites like YouGoggle are fully dedicated to high quality Virtual reality content.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Is Sex In Virtual Reality Like Cheating?

The newest addition to the adult entertainment industry, virtual reality pornography, seemingly poses more risks than benefits especially for those in committed relationships. Many people see watching virtual reality pornography as cheating on their significant other. Some experts are saying that watching virtual reality pornography has the potential to damage real life relationships between people and more.
Will the Line Be Crossed?
People that happen to use this new technology are likely to explore more dark and violent fantasies if only for the reason that there are no consequences in the virtual scenes. Behavior such as that can become extreme and addictive over time which can serve to be a real problem.
The exploitation of women and sexism that is brought to the table by the pornography industry combined with this new virtual reality technology has the potential to escalate society’s obsession with the “perfect” woman and body image.  This technology also brings the potential to create virtual models that are based on people in real life which brings about the issue of what consent will mean in instances of these virtual scenes.
Non-Realistic Features of Virtual Worlds
The problem with being able to replicate real life people is that a person can make them perform sexual acts that they would refuse in real life which again bring up the basis of consent in virtual reality. Another major concern that has been talked about is violence when in these virtual worlds. The fact that there are not any consequences for actions within a virtual world means that there is a big chance that people will use the technology to perform violent or extreme acts that would not be permitted in real life.
Then and Now
Once pornography moved from media such as books and magazines to the internet and videos the content became more perverse as well as violent. Many experts have talked about the effect that virtual reality porn could have on the way that people view sexual relationships in real life and how damaging it can be.
A study was done where experts studied the way 45 different volunteers acted when using virtual reality technology to finish a story. While many of the volunteers used the technology to create what they considered to be a perfect sexual experience or as close as they could get to it with the technology, there were some participants who used the virtual reality technology to go past the boundary of what is and is not acceptable in reality. And there were some who even forced themselves upon the models in the virtual world.
More Control Could Be Risky

The appealing part of virtual reality pornography is the fact that you are able to go from being just an observer to actually being able to participate in things like threesomes which creates a whole different type of experience. This is the reason that many people think virtual reality pornography will be too similar to cheating on their significant other. The experience can be hard to distinguish from reality which is just too much for some people because the scenarios cannot necessarily be lived up to in reality. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Virtual Reality Porn in 2017

The newest thing to come to the porn business is virtual reality. The AVN show which is the biggest Adult Entertainment expo on earth has even added two new business award categories.

Many pros in the industry say that virtual reality is the following big thing and that it's here to stay. Some virtual reality porn sites are even going to give voice to voice abilities to ensure users will likely be able discussion with the performers which makes their experience more personal. Experts in the porn business are excited concerning this aspect only because they believe it will put in a heightened awareness of intimacy to the users sexual dream encounters without the two people having to be in precisely the same real space.

It's stated that these special virtual interactions include haptic feedback as well as crazier things for example smells. Such a thing may not be for everyone though so it is likely that virtual porn isn't going to overrun the porn business as it's now because everyone has different preferences and likes different things.

The biggest focus right now for virtual porn developers isn't the fancy add ons or extra features. At this point in time they're just attempting to produce stable attributes and perfect streaming to optimize the most effective experience feasible for the buyer. It's tough to assess the amount of success that virtual porn has achieved so far because there are not enough individuals involved. In a couple of years when it's gone more mainstream it is going to be easier to see what kind of impact that virtual reality has made on the porn business.

While virtual porn hasn't taken over as the newest hottest thing all over yet it's been growing remarkably quickly. The start of 2016 proved to function as starting point with this innovation as virtual reality really started becoming more popular. More people were just starting to invest in virtual reality.

 As technology advances, this kind of virtual porn can only continue to become more advanced and better mimic actual interactions and fantasies. As the virtual reality headsets improve and also the prices lower more people than ever will possess the opportunities to experience virtual porn. The functionality of cellular telephone headsets will certainly need improvement so that you can fulfill the form of immersive content that is wanted.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Execute Your Interest and Visit Tokyos VR Rooms

In regards to technology Japan is usually the first to discover how best to utilize it. In case you see Tokyo from time to time or on a regular basis you might be thinking about a latest fascination. The place is quite perfect for this new draw. Akihabara, a district that is famous and popular for anime and video games will now house a spot where customers can certainly see a variety of adult content in different types, including VR. For now while their grand opening effort is running visitors can take part in viewing VR porn for free for a limited time. The rooms have soundproof walls and supply a clean, executing environment. Shortly the establishment will charge hourly for visitors to immerse themselves in virtual reality porn. So how much will you need to pay to savor an hour of VR porn? One hour will cost 550 yen ($4.70) but theyll also give visitors the choice of paying for an entire day; 3,150 yen ($26.90). The corporation will soon function as the first to add on VR porn to the conventional hotel experience for visitors. This may likely take off quite nicely in Japan because the country has a tendency to get very excited as it pertains to porn and pornographic interests.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

VR Porn - A Quick Discussion

It can be quite hard to ignore VR porn when thinking or talking about virtual reality. After all, the porn industry tends to stay with the advancements in technology, offering the public tech-savvy adult entertainment.

The porn industry has and likely always will be a competitive industry. This industry is known to turn to technology when needing to get a step ahead of the competition. There is a reason that porn is so easily accessible and available on the internet today.
Therefore, it’s no surprise that the adult entertainment industry is also taking a liking to virtual reality. This will open many possibilities for the industry, as it will for many other industries as well.
Who’s Offering VR Porn?
There is one particular company already throwing their weight around with VR and that is Pornhub. If you visit their site you will find a category already created specifically for VR videos. Of course, the videos are often from publishers specifically producing VR videos.
Even more people are searching for VR porn on Google, so says Google Trends. Even the search term ‘3d porn’ has emerged. To get a better idea of just how much search volume for VR porn has grown - in the past 12 months it’s grown six-fold.
What Kind of VR Porn is Available?

It’s still early in terms of virtual reality technology but that isn’t stopping producers from getting a start on creating VR porn. The main kind of VR porn is 360-degree video. It’s the easiest form of VR porn to produce but still lacks that enhanced presence and depth perception that is required for a completely immersive experience.

Sunday, December 4, 2016 Virtual Reality is now available! With Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR within your reach.

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