Wednesday, January 4, 2017

VR Porn - A Quick Discussion

It can be quite hard to ignore VR porn when thinking or talking about virtual reality. After all, the porn industry tends to stay with the advancements in technology, offering the public tech-savvy adult entertainment.

The porn industry has and likely always will be a competitive industry. This industry is known to turn to technology when needing to get a step ahead of the competition. There is a reason that porn is so easily accessible and available on the internet today.
Therefore, it’s no surprise that the adult entertainment industry is also taking a liking to virtual reality. This will open many possibilities for the industry, as it will for many other industries as well.
Who’s Offering VR Porn?
There is one particular company already throwing their weight around with VR and that is Pornhub. If you visit their site you will find a category already created specifically for VR videos. Of course, the videos are often from publishers specifically producing VR videos.
Even more people are searching for VR porn on Google, so says Google Trends. Even the search term ‘3d porn’ has emerged. To get a better idea of just how much search volume for VR porn has grown - in the past 12 months it’s grown six-fold.
What Kind of VR Porn is Available?

It’s still early in terms of virtual reality technology but that isn’t stopping producers from getting a start on creating VR porn. The main kind of VR porn is 360-degree video. It’s the easiest form of VR porn to produce but still lacks that enhanced presence and depth perception that is required for a completely immersive experience.