Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Is Sex In Virtual Reality Like Cheating?

The newest addition to the adult entertainment industry, virtual reality pornography, seemingly poses more risks than benefits especially for those in committed relationships. Many people see watching virtual reality pornography as cheating on their significant other. Some experts are saying that watching virtual reality pornography has the potential to damage real life relationships between people and more.
Will the Line Be Crossed?
People that happen to use this new technology are likely to explore more dark and violent fantasies if only for the reason that there are no consequences in the virtual scenes. Behavior such as that can become extreme and addictive over time which can serve to be a real problem.
The exploitation of women and sexism that is brought to the table by the pornography industry combined with this new virtual reality technology has the potential to escalate society’s obsession with the “perfect” woman and body image.  This technology also brings the potential to create virtual models that are based on people in real life which brings about the issue of what consent will mean in instances of these virtual scenes.
Non-Realistic Features of Virtual Worlds
The problem with being able to replicate real life people is that a person can make them perform sexual acts that they would refuse in real life which again bring up the basis of consent in virtual reality. Another major concern that has been talked about is violence when in these virtual worlds. The fact that there are not any consequences for actions within a virtual world means that there is a big chance that people will use the technology to perform violent or extreme acts that would not be permitted in real life.
Then and Now
Once pornography moved from media such as books and magazines to the internet and videos the content became more perverse as well as violent. Many experts have talked about the effect that virtual reality porn could have on the way that people view sexual relationships in real life and how damaging it can be.
A study was done where experts studied the way 45 different volunteers acted when using virtual reality technology to finish a story. While many of the volunteers used the technology to create what they considered to be a perfect sexual experience or as close as they could get to it with the technology, there were some participants who used the virtual reality technology to go past the boundary of what is and is not acceptable in reality. And there were some who even forced themselves upon the models in the virtual world.
More Control Could Be Risky

The appealing part of virtual reality pornography is the fact that you are able to go from being just an observer to actually being able to participate in things like threesomes which creates a whole different type of experience. This is the reason that many people think virtual reality pornography will be too similar to cheating on their significant other. The experience can be hard to distinguish from reality which is just too much for some people because the scenarios cannot necessarily be lived up to in reality.